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Back Flow Group

Old HTML Version        WordPress Version

The client organization’s host became unavailable and the site was orphaned.  We needed to move the site from the failing host and then convert the site to WordPress to enable the client organization to maintain their own content.  This process was complicated by the fact that the organization wanted to retain the look and feel of the original HTML website (left)  and that some of the functions died with the old host.  We built a specific theme to create a very close replica of the original site and then added plug-ins and responsive design to offer improved function to the site.

Van Wyck and Porter

Vanwyck01         vanwyck02

The client wanted to showcase a full screen video on their home page and needed to have unique branding and function for the property pages. Features that required specific CSS and PHP coding solutions.  Once created the client was trained in how to add new properties and maintain the site in house.

North West Mahler Festival

nwmf04        nwmf03

The client needed a new public marketing web brand and a community hub for the dissemination of information for the volunteer musicians.   The design style was to be clean and make use of off the shelf form and function solutions.  A legacy database is brought into this solution to allow for re-branding of an old registration form.  A specific need was individual detailed bio pages for the guest conductors.

Carol Pierson Holding

holdinng         holding02

The client needed a branding web site for marketing and a platform to showcase old work and new publications.

RDH Insurance Professionals




Web Browser

The project scope was to reorganize an existing website to use client’s branded logo and colors and to make the information more accessible to her target audience. It was determined through consultation that her target audience was phone centric. This required a rewrite and restructure of key message points so that they could be delivered in a logical flow in both wide and scrolling screen formats. Information had to be streamlined and message points that would strongly resonant with the audience had to be front loaded in the content flow. With the addition of a “call now button” the site became not merely mobile friendly but mobile active.

Tupper Mack Wells Law





This client needed to update an old site to modern utility.  They wanted to maintain the content in house and have a responsive site that worked with mobile devices.  The old site was very dark and static size and any updates had to be done in raw HTML code.  The new site design took into account a desire for more light on the site while still staying with the original design motif.  The new design also allowed for better use of search engine optimization, social media and push content by converting news postings to blog posting in a more active way.  A new design also allowed for a bit of fun on the front page with a slide show.

Bridge Electric Inc.

bridgeEThe primary focus for this client was to create the written content and structure the information and existing image assets into a compelling site. Through a combination of face-to-face interviews and phone conferences a voice and message specific to the client was developed. Our consultation helped them refine their message and at the same time help us write the content in a style that supported their personality and spoke to what made their business unique.

Tim Rounds Photography

timrounds-bigThe primary focus of this project was to highlight an artist portfolio and create a back office system so that the artist could privately share proofs with his clients. To that end we used a gallery system plug-in that can be used to manage both the public portfolio and the private client’s pages.

The Seattle Housing Authority 75th Anniversary

seattlehousingThis informational site required a rapid deployment and low cost solution. The content was provided by HistoryLink in the form of links to their online data and Word-Ware installed and configured WordPress, the navigation and migrated the content. The theme use was a default WordPress theme but augmented by a variety of plug-ins to allow greater flexibility in content layout.

Paradise Baptist Church

Paradise Baptist ChurchThrough consultation we determined the client needed a community-building site that could expand their online outreach to both computer and phone users. With limited original image assets or content, we created a design that was clear and gave a warm yet serious feeling to the information presented. We helped the client formalize online donations and reservations with use of simple forms and a PayPal account and did initial training for the primary editor.

Content Writing

Sustainable Construction & Consulting
After initial consultation it was decided that content creation would be at the core of this project.  As most of the business is based on referrals it was determined that the site had to support the concept that referrals will want to check a website prior to direct contact. I wrote the copy for the site using information gained in a series of email exchanges and face-to-face interviews. The goal was to give important supporting information quickly so potential clients would be motivated to take the extra step of contacting the client directly.

E-Commerce & Marketing

mamascotts-300Mama Scotts online website had come to the end of its life after ten years. Rather than build another proprietary shopping cart system with limited content management/marketing support we recommended the use of WordPress with shopping cart functionality. The system as configured allows the client to manage the content and other marketing elements as well as track orders and manage products. A special need was to find a shopping cart that supported live shipping (live shipping cost estimator connected to UPS and USPS) while still being easy to use for the client.

Dual Purpose


Visual Arts


Literary Arts

This site needed very clean lines to showcase an artist’s visual work and a clear organizational structure for the client’s literary work. By working up a custom theme that addressed both issues we were able to make a site that was text and visual friendly and still maintain a responsive design.  In addition training was provided to the client so that they could add and maintain content.

Website Makeover



Client needed to update the look of existing website and we moved from old style HTML to WordPress which gave the client a new site that can better integrate video and offer content management.

Orange Cab Atlanta

orangecab-350The client needed a legitimacy site up in three days with an online pickup request form.  The site went live on time and on approved budget.  The client was email and phone only with no face to face and the content was a mix of invented and collected information. The choice of the map was to counter a lack of information on the company while still giving a sense of professionalism and locationl. The design of the site was optimized for mobile devices so that in a smaller format the pickup form is found right below the name.

Book Patrol Blog & eCommerce


Blog Home with Recent Post Slider


Shop Page with Book Market

Book Patrol is a popular blogging site that needed an information architecture upgrade and the addition of a storefront to sell books. Through consultation we developed a simple upgrade to the site structure and advised on a change in how information could be organized. In phase 2 we found an eCommerce system that fit both budget and the client’s plans for future expansion. With training the client can manage the store and content.

Cedar River Clinic

cedarriver-204The client wanted a more modern website and one that would engage web savvy users.  They also wanted a unique design with several new features, like a real time list of their Facebook posts on the front page of their website.

Puget Sound Group Psychotherapy Network


The client needed to upgrade their website from a coldfusion system with a legacy database to a new design with new features.  We re-built the old database and brought into a WordPress wrapper so that the client could take advantage of the content management features of WordPress and add new plug-in features like mailing list and online event registration.

Steve is erudite in his areas of expertise, prompt, totally reliable, always follows through, and due to his even-tempered and courteous ways, a pleasure to work with. Priscilla Long, Senior Editorwww.historylink.org

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