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Put WordPress to work for you.

Let us help you get your website live fast and at a price you can afford.  For over 16 years under the name Word-Ware we have provided a full range of boutique development services.  Now through WordWarePress we can help even very small businesses build and manage a powerful and affordable website.

The principal means to achieve the goal of a low-cost web presence is to take advantage of the evolution of the WordPress platform.  It may have begun as a  simple blog system but it has matured into to a low-cost content management system.

Over the years we have designed and built many content management systems to meet the specific needs of our clients, but if your needs are more generalized, the advent of WordPress as an off-the-shelf solution for content management may allow you to maintain and manage your own web site with ease and security.  With the addition of third party applications a simple WordPress site can be an online store or an online magazine.  The options are only limited by one’s imagination.

If it is so easy, what do you need WordWarePress for?

Driving a car doesn’t automatically make you a mechanic.  How a web site is set up (the information architecture of the site) is not always obvious.  However, once a site is properly structured, adding pages or editing existing pages can be very easy.

You may want to make your page unique or special in the way it looks and feels.  Working within the WordPress guidelines, WordWarePress can help configure and enhance the design of your site so that you do not need to be limited by free themes or off-the-shelf templates.

We ask what your site should do (http://wordwarepress.word-ware.com/wp-news-vol-2-issue-1-febuary-2014/) and that is an important question.

Also, should you need a more specific solution to work within the basic WordPress system we are here to add special features to your basic site and the training to maintain the site yourself.

Tell Steve i am very impressed with the way he does business and will recomend Word-ware to anyone I know who needs a site done. -- JayPilot / OwnerBalloon Depot

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